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CVA Presidenciessort descending
2010 - Madrid
Alberto Ruiz Gallardon

The city of Madrid is immensely proud to host the Presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) in 2010. Madrid is today a major European city that is home to 3.2 million people, as...

2011 - Les Mureaux
François Garay

At Les Mureaux, space has been a passion for many years. Chance visitors become aware of this very close relationship as soon as they approach the A13 motorway turn-off, where the signs...

2012 - Brême
Jens Böhrnsen

Bremen has been a hub of space activity for over fifty years and today it is the location that offers the broadest range of space activities in Germany. Indeed, it is in Bremen that the...

2013 - Mulhouse

It was with the aim of strengthening its commitment to the space sectorwithin the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) that “Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération” (m2A), the grouping of 32...

2014 (January-March) - Salon-de-Provence
Michel Tonon

Salon-de-Provence is preparing to experience an exceptional year. A year to be spent under the stars of the Ariane Cities, with the honour of holding the 2014 CVA Presidency, following on...

2014 (March-December) - Salon-de-Provence
Nicolas Isnard

This year the City of Salon-de-Provence is proud to hold the Presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA).

This Presidency is not just an honorary title.


2015 - Kourou
François Ringuet

After Salon-de-Provence, now, in 2015, it is the turn of Kourou to hold the presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA).


2016 - Hardthausen
Harry Brunnet

The municipality of Hardthausen and the Forum Ariane Lampoldshausen e. V. is extremely proud of taking, once again,the Presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities in 2016.

2017 - Toulouse

The history of space in Toulouse goes back to the French Space Agency CNES being established at Toulouse-Rangueil in 1968, followed by renowned research institutes and laboratories. This was...

2018 - Les Mureaux

This year, 2018, will see us celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA). This will also be a key year for the launcher which links us all together,...

2019 - Sevilla

The 10th August of 1519, an expedition of five ships led by Magallanes departed from the Guadalquivir River. The city of Seville was marking a milestone in the Universal history with the...

2020 - Bordeaux Métropole

Bordeaux and its region – Bordeaux Métropole – is happy and proud to hold the presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) in 2020, set to be the year of the first launch of the new Ariane 6...

2022 - Colleferro

(coming soon)