• Mar 09, 2013

2020 - Bordeaux Métropole

Bordeaux and its region – Bordeaux Métropole – is happy and proud to hold the presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) in 2020, set to be the year of the first launch of the new Ariane 6.

The Community of Ariane Cities, of which Bordeaux was a founding member in 1998, brings together European towns/cities and companies working on access to space. It aims to make the general public aware of the importance of the space sector and share the knowledge of the aerospace industry.

The CVA is active on several fronts in drawing attention to the economic, scientific and social benefits of European access-to-space activities and to the technological advances in launchers. It emphasises how important it is for Europe to maintain independent, long-term access to space, and fosters cooperation between Ariane Cities, their companies, space agencies, research institutes and various universities and schools by offering technical and cultural education programmes. Lastly, it supports the strategic role of French Guiana, which makes access to space possible thanks to its spaceport, the Guiana Space Centre (CSG).

For Bordeaux Métropole, this presidency represents more than 60 dedicated events and actions over the course of the year, within the framework of an ambitious programme enabling Europe to maintain its independent access to space, against a context of ever-increasing competition.

In this respect, the decisions taken at the European Space Agency’s ministerial Council meeting in Seville in November 2019 can be seen as a strong, encouraging signal for all the actors involved in the sector, especially for Bordeaux Métropole: ArianeGroup, with over 3,000 employees at its SaintMédardenJalles and Le Haillan sites, is the region’s largest industrial employer.

This role of pillar of the European launcher industry stems from a long, local industrial tradition, whose story deserves to be told.

Throughout 2020, you will have opportunities to see, experiment, discover and dream.

Embark for space from the Port of the Moon, as Bordeaux is known!