• Mar 09, 2013

2015 - Kourou

François RinguetFrançois Ringuet, President of the CVA 2015, Mayor of Kourou.

After Salon-de-Provence, now, in 2015, it is the turn of Kourou to hold the presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA).

logo de la ville de Kourou

This Presidency provides us with a wonderful opportunity to showcase our town on the European stage and forms an integral part of our political strategy: to make this town of the future an attractive destination where innovation reigns !

For it is true that Kourou has exceptional potential on a great many levels –cultural, economic and technological and in terms of eco-tourism. Thanks to the CVA, therefore, I wish to see this “ town of the future” witness a host of new opportunities with the priority being placed on education and outreach in support of our young people.

While being ever conscious of the importance of the space industry to the life of this town and indeed the entire territory that surrounds it, an importance that extends well beyond the skills and expertise on display within the space community in French Guiana, I aspire to work with others to open a window for the youth of Kourou and French Guiana on the worlds of science and space.

In what is set to be an exceptional year sous les pépites d’étoiles* , we will be presenting a series of memorable events the aim of which will be to shine a spotlight on aerospacerelated economic activity taking place in French Guiana (conferences, cultural and educational events, intercultural seminars, etc.). Our aim is to inform the public of the many benefits and opportunities provided by the space sector and to make clear our determination to develop a comprehensive strategy for education and research, notably creating employment in the framework of future European launcher programmes.

It is my fervent wish that the Programme of the 2015 CVA Presidency held by Kourou will be the fruit of a dynamic partnership bringing together actors from the space, institutional, associative and economic spheres.

CVA President 2015
Mayor of Kourou
François Ringuet