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Summer school

This annual four-week programme in July/August is targeted at university students and young engineers from the aerospace industry. It covers various aspects of space, in particular space transportation, and includes classes, lectures and tours of firms and space agencies, as well as language tuition and cultural and leisure events. The Summer School is hosted by educational institutions and supported by agencies, industrial firms and local sponsors. During this time, alumni of previous sessions meet up for a space-based weekend which takes in cultural visits.

The 19th CVA Summer School
will take place at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería
at Universidad de Sevilla in Spain
 from 15 July to 11 August 2018.



All summer schools

 554 participants,  2000-2017
Cities Years
Bremen 2000
Toulouse 2001
Torino 2002
Liège 2003
Bremen 2004
Barcelona 2005
Toulouse 2006
Heilbronn / Lampoldshausen 2007
Madrid 2008
Augsburg 2009
Bordeaux 2010
Roma-Colleferro 2011
Salon de Provence 2012
Heilbronn / Lampoldshausen 2013
Liège 2014
Bremen 2015
Garching (TU München) 2016
Toulouse 2017


18th summer school

Bremen 2015