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Institutional activities

In the framework of the rotating Presidency, the Member Cities organise a certain number of institutional events aimed at political and industrial decision-makers or the general public. These include City-Launcher Partnership or Launcher Sponsorship events and roundtables or conferences held to coincide with Council of Mayors meetings. The Presidencies also organise the Bureau meetings.

The CVA’s role is also to generate interest on the part of the general public in European space transportation and the applications it makes possible, to facilitate communication, and to enhance the visibility and standing of its members, that is, both the Cities and the space firms located in them. With its support, its members organise events in places where the public gathers in large numbers: festivals, exhibitions, celebrations and “Night of the Astronauts”, as well as at certain aeronautics and space shows.

City-Launcher Partnership

City-Launcher Partnership or Launcher Sponsorship makes it possible for Member Cities to sponsor an Ariane launch and have their logo placed on the fairing of the launcher.
This programme, carried out with ESA, CNES and Arianespace, encourages the City to organise festive events locally. At the time of launch, the partner City must also be represented at Europe’s Spaceport at Kourou.


At gatherings – debates, conferences and symposiums – concerning space policy, political decision-makers and representatives of agencies, industry, teaching and research exchange viewpoints and discuss issues relating to the space sector
and its future. Students and young space professionals often take part in these discussions.

Aerospace shows and congresses

The CVA is present at important fixtures such as the International Paris Air Show/Le Bourget; the ILA Berlin Air Show; the Toulouse Space Show; and the International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

Space and the general public

Events targeted at the general public are regularly organised during CVA Presidencies. They relate for example to: space transportation, satellite applications, technology transfer, the spin-offs of space into everyday life, and information on space training and careers.
The Presidencies and Ariane Cities also organise events for World Space Week and the French Fête de la Science.


City-Launchers partnerships

Yearssort descending Cities Flight No.
2 002 Charleroi -----
2 003 Bordeaux -----
2 003 Colleferro -----
2 004 Bremen -----
2 006 Barcelona -----
2 007 Toulouse -----
2 009 Forum Ariane Lampoldshausen VA192
2 012 Bremen VA205
2 013 Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération (m2A) VA213
2 014 Salon de Provence VA219
2 015 Kourou VA223
2 017 Toulouse VA235
2 017 Forum Ariane Lampoldshausen VA236
2 018 Les Mureaux VA246