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Advantages for members

In line with CVA’s objectives, each member city enters the Association as a tandem composed of a local or regional administration and an industrial organisation or a cluster being active in European space transportation activities.

CVA members benefit from a comprehensive set of services and advantages described in detail in this document, in exchange for a yearly fee and an active contribution to the life of the Association by participating in events, educational programmes and statutory meetings.

Entrance Fee

A unique entrance fee of 5000 € is applicable as long as Mayors Council has accepted candidature.

Yearly Membership fee

Applicable starting the year after the candidature has been validated, each member has to pay yearly membership fee amounting to:

  • Ariane Industrial Member:
    • Space Industrial A
      (previoulsy industrial level 1)
      per firm: 9 000 €
    • Space Industrial B
      (industrial level 2 and inferior)
      per firm: 5 000 €
  • Cities or Urban Community:
    Fee dépends on number of inhabitants of the City
        (or Urban Community) as following calculation:

    Ci(max 15.000) = C0 + [0,4 x R0 - N x C0]Pi/P où :

    • Ci = cotisation annuelle de la Ville
      ou de la Communauté urbaine «i» limité à 15.000€
    • Co = cotisation minimale fixée à 5000 €
    • Ro = budget total annuel de la CVA
      (0,4 x Ro
      correspondent à une volonté de répartition des ressources de la CVA
      de 40% par les villes et communautés urbaines et de 60% par les industriels Ariane)
    • N =nombre de villes (et Communautés Urbaines) adhérentes à la CVA
    • Pi=nombre d’habitants de la ville « i »
    • P =nombre total d’habitants CVA (soit somme Pi)