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About us


The network

Founded in 1998 as a non-profit association, the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) brings together European cities – referred to as Ariane Cities – and partner industrial firms working in European space transportation.
The CVA enables them to strengthen their cooperation, keep elected representatives and citizens informed about space activities in Europe and help train future space sector professionals.

Raison d’être

  • Inform citizens about space-sector issues, the remarkable know-how of the aerospace industry and the role it plays in the Ariane Cities.
  • Emphasise the economic and social implications of the European launchers programmes and the technological progress they bring about.
  • Communicate the importance of Europe having independent access to space.
  • Facilitate long-term cooperation between Ariane Cities, firms, space agencies, research institutes and educational bodies.
  • Offer programmes of a technical, cultural and educational nature.
  • Promote the strategic role of French Guiana and the Guiana Space Centre (CSG), Europe’s Spaceport.


Each City, or grouping of municipalities, is represented by its local or regional administration and establishes a partnership with one or more industrial firms. Every year, or every two years, a member City and its industrial partner is elected by the Council of Mayors (CoM), the CVA’s decision-making body, to take on the Presidency. Programmes are decided jointly by the members, during CoM meetings. Their implementation and everyday operations are the responsibility of the association’s Bureau and a General Delegation.

Programmes for Readying the Professionals and Inspiring Young People

The CVA organises programmes with the member Cities, their universities, various educational entities, authorities responsible for teaching, and industrial firms. The programmes are set up jointly and are of a technical, cultural and educational nature. They include: the Summer School, Science Holidays, Intercultural Seminars, REVA Seminar and Meetings of Headteachers and Educational Administrators.


Video presentation

Council of Mayors

Cities Years
Les Mureaux, Toulouse, Colleferro 1999
Bordeaux, Guyane Française, Augsburg 2000
ESA, Paris 2001
CNES, Paris 2002
Bruxelles, Bremen 2003
Barcelona, Guyane Française 2004
Bruxelles, Liège 2005
Barcelona 2006
Liège 2007
Berlin, Neckarsulm 2009
Madrid 2010
Les Mureaux, Paris 2011
Berlin, Bremen 2012
Mulhouse 2013
Salon de Provence 2014
Kourou, ESA Paris 2015
Neckarsulm 2016
Brussels 2016
Toulouse 2017



Two posters (update planned) presenting CVA Members and programmes are also available.